Bunkr Economic

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Bunkr pro 2 - 4 osoby

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The bunker is equipped with a filtration kit made by Swiss suppliers, which protects against nuclear-biological and chemical weapons, which designates it as a modern NBC shelter. Additional protection is provided by a gas and watertight door separating the living area from the decontamination zone. The entrance to the shelter is secured by a plate made of AR 500 steel, which is bulletproof for the most calibers of firearms.


The shelter can be installed under a building during construction or next to an existing building.  A reinforced foundation slab made of C20 / 25 ( C30/35 ) concrete grade is required for its installation.

  • LED lighting
  • Entrance hatch is made of AR 500 steel with gas actuators and two bolts coming from the inside
  • NBC filter - VA-40
  • Descent to shelter by a steel ladder
  • Triple bunk bed


  • Length 5.8m
  • Internal width 2.2m
  • External width 2.45 m
  • Max. Depth below the ground 2.50 m
  • Weight 6000 kg

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