Bunkr 2x modular

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Bunkr pro 8 - 14 osob

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To install the shelter it is required to make a foundation slab reinforced with concrete grade of C20/25 (C30/35) in order to firmly attach it to the ground. The shelter is equipped with a filtration kit made by Swiss suppliers, which prevents against nuclear and biological weapons as well as a chemical attack. The facility can serve as a modern NBC shelter. Additional protection is provided by a gas-tight and water-tight door separating the living area from the decontamination zone. The entrance to the shelter is secured by AR 500 steel plates. This steel ensures bulletproofness for most calibers of firearms.


The entrance hatch is also made of this steel, equipped with gas actuators to facilitate opening and closing, and two locks located from the inside. The emergency exit is secured with a hatch made of AR 500 steel and partially buried. The whole structure is
sandblasted and painted with two layers of paint. The interior is protected with two layers of TEKNOZINC 90 SE zinc paint. The shelter is covered with closed-cell foamSO-303, which guarantees 25 years of service life. For transportation purposes, the shelter structure is divided into five separate parts.

The shelter’s design allows it to be installed beneath the building, e.g. under the kitchen or garage floor, it can also be used as a wine cellar or home cinema room.

The decontamination module is separated by a gas-tight door from the room equipped with the power generator. It is possible to install a power bank as an alternative to the generator, in order to maintain the power supply in the shelter.


  • LED lighting
  • NBC filter - VA-150
  • Stairs for descending to the shelter
  • Internal equipment for individual request
  • Construction includes two residential modules


  • external dimensions 22,6m x 5,8m
  • dimension of residental module 12m x 2,5
  • depth below the ground level min. 2,50 m to 6,00 m
  • weight 48 000 kg

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